Who leads church?

PLEASE NOTE: We will have two more dinner church services: September 10th and November 12th (Snacktivity in October) Please see “Our Story” for more information

Open Table Dinner Church gathers over liturgy and food. Liturgy means "the work of the people" and that means that church is led each week by those who are present, and that includes you! Each week at Open Table Dinner Church we need a reader, a song leader, and a lay liturgist who helps guide us.

If reading this made you feel anxious and sweaty please know that you don't have to do or talk or share in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can just blend in. It would be super awesome if you helped set up chairs or cut up an avocado, but you don't have to participate in any way that makes you sweat like that one time your teacher/boss/mom walked toward your computer screen and you couldn't get that instagram/reddit/the awkward yeti (google it!) tab to close.

Am I welcome?

Yes. 100%. You are welcome. Just as you are.

We value and honor all of who you are and recognize that sometimes it helps to read that you are explicitly welcome, especially at church. We welcome people of any and all faiths. And, we welcome those of any age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, ability, socio-economic status, life stage, country/city/state of origin, documented or not, with any relationship structure. You don't need to believe any particular thing to join us for dinner church. All you need to be is hungry for authentic connection and good food.

When and where should I go?

We have Dinner Church every First Tuesday of the month

(check out Queer Dinner Church and Snacktivities on the second and third respectively)

We are grateful to the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their lower level and kitchen space while we seek a more permanent location. Harvard-Epworth UMC is located at 1555 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge and is easy to locate via public transportation. Arrive between 6:15 and 6:30pm and go around the right side of the building. There is a door tucked away in that stone wall. Push the button labeled "Open Table Dinner Church" and someone will greet you.

This door has stairs inside the entrance. Unfortunately, our meeting space requires the use of stairs to access it. If you need assistance, call Rev. Mel at 203-915-4882 or Rev. Megan at 760-271-5091. Do not be alarmed when Rev. Mel greets you in her steampunk kitchen goggles.



What should I expect when I arrive?

The scent of something mouth-watering may meet you on the street before you reach the door. When you arrive between 6:15 and 6:30pm you will be given a job to help finish meal prep, set up our worship space, and prepare worship materials.

At 6:30 we gather to begin worship by sharing communion bread with one another. Our time together includes song, prayer, reflection, stories, and lots of eating. We use mostly organic and locally sourced ingredients. Every meal is vegan and there is always a gluten free option (nuts on the side!) E-mail communications@opentabledinnerchurch if you have allergies or dietary concerns.

Sharing stories is at the heart of what we do at Open Table and you’re encouraged to tell your own.

We end our service by sharing the cup (both wine and juice available) before we all work together to clean up from dinner and pack up the worship space. We are using the space of another church and like to leave the space looking the way we found it.

Grab a jar of leftovers and join us at the bar down the street for continued fellowship!

What should I bring?

Your appetite! Dinner is free and you can plan on being sent home with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

And, if you have been here before and have take-home jars laying around please bring them back so we can fill them up again.