Our Story


“I remember when I thought you were too cool to be friends,” Rev. Megan stood in shock while Rev. Mel crumpled into a pile of awkward anxiety, a single earmuff hanging from her ear.

Co-pastors Megan and Mel met at seminary years prior but never spoke because Rev. Megan was under the mistaken impression that Rev. Mel was somewhat cool. While at a progressive Christian conference Revs. Megan and Mel started talking for the first time about their calls to ministry. Over the next few months, in bar rooms, music halls, and highways across the northeast they bonded over their desire for authentic community, passion for justice, and appreciation of embodied theology.

It wasn’t until Rev. Megan found Rev. Mel half-prepared for the winter cold and groaning about her own social awkwardness that Rev. Megan realized Rev. Mel wasn't too cool to hang out with and knew they would make a great team. 

Drawn to simplicity and authenticity Revs. Megan and Mel created a liturgy to be shared over a meal where folks would be nourished mind, body, and spirit. In February 2016 they first invited their friends over for dinner and were soon filling Rev. Mel’s living room twice a month with folks who enjoyed sharing food, sharing stories, and sharing themselves. Everyone participates in cooking the meal, setting up the space, and leading worship. Food Minister Rebecca joined the leadership team in August 2016 and engages the spiritual practices of cooking, serving, and eating with Open Table Dinner Church. With growing numbers we’re excited to move into a larger space for a short time at the Harvard-Epworth UMC while we seek a space of our own.

Open Table is affiliated with the Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), a Protestant denomination started in 1968 as the first Christian church to welcome and affirm queer Christians. Founded at the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, and justice, MCC is a radical denomination with a history of ministering to those on the margins.

At Open Table we live into this history by affirming the worth and dignity of all people and engaging spirit and action. Through our stories and our relationships with one another we come to know God, one another, and our selves. Your whole self (mismatched winter clothing included) is welcome at dinner church. Join us.