Rev. Mel Pace, Lead Pastor (she/her/hers)

Rev. Mel’s faith informs her activism and passion for change. The books cramming her book case include essential readings on social change, queer theology/theory, sexuality and spirituality, and creation care. Rev. Mel loves being part of a community where one’s whole self is invited to the table to be nourished mind, body, and spirit.

When not co-creating community at Open Table Rev. Mel may be out hiking, swimming, hugging trees, listening to live music, thinking about her next tattoo, thinking about intersectionality, or eating ice-cream. Most likely the last one.

Rev. Mel received her MDiv from Andover Newton Theological School and is ordained in the Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC).

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Lauryn Vosburgh, Kitchen Witch (she/her/hers)

Lauryn’s spirituality is based in the belief that our intuition is a spiritual entity that is carried within our bodies, connecting us to all that exists. This spiritual entity is the truth of who we are, striped of ego and drama and full of power and passion. She has heard some people call this thing god. She calls her Alice.

Self care is the avenue lauryn uses to strengthen her connection and alignment with Alice. She loves using plant magic, through vegan cuisine and herbal medicine, as one form of self care. She shares this magic with Open Table Dinner Church in her role as Kitchen Witch, ensuring that every meal is infused with the respect and love she has for each ingredient.

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Rebecca Roberts, Founding Food Minister 2016-2017

Rebecca dove into Dinner Church before it even began. Her excitement fueled the kitchen where she worked to prepare meals that nourished mind, body, and spirit. Rebecca had a deeply spiritual understanding of food, cooking, and serving, and how it impacted the physical, emotional, and spiritual lives of those who ate together in community. Sharing herself both in and out of the kitchen, Rebecca's story touched the lives of all she met.

In July 2017 Rebecca passed away unexpectedly. Rebecca brought the community to life with her love and kindness. The support and genuine encouragement she showed for her friends and family was unrivaled. Rebecca's joy and commitment to building community through shared meals guides our continued ministry.